Advantage Of Proxy Server

Advantage Of Proxy Server

After learning and understanding what proxy server is, today in this article we are going to learn about the uses, benefits, and advantages of using proxy server in our computer network. If you are visiting this post for the first time and do not understand what proxy server really is, then please visit our previous post. You will definitely and clearly will understand what proxy server is. So, Now let’s discuss the uses, benefits, and advantages of using a proxy server.

Advantages Of Proxy Server


When a client sends a request for any data to the web, the request will be sent to the proxy server forward that request to the webserver. When the proxy server receives the data from the web server, proxy server stores that data in its cache and then it forward to the requested client. Now when another client sends a request for the same data, the proxy server looks for the data in its cache which is restored by it during the first client request and send it to the client from its cache. And so on any other clients who request for that same data, the proxy server will transfer the data from its cache instead of sending the request to the webserver. And no need to send the request to the webserver. We can get the following benefits from this proxy server.

  • Speed up the access

Due to the proxy server responds and transfer the data from its cache to the client, the internet access speed will be fast and the client can access the web faster.

  • Save bandwidth

A proxy server helps to save your internet bandwidth which saves you both Time and Money because the organization has to pay a higher rate for higher bandwidth. So, this can be a big benefit of proxy server that it saves data in its cache.

Log / Auditing / Reporting

Out of this, a Proxy server can also be used as Log, Auditing, and Reporting. By the help of a proxy server, you can know what your organization’s employees using on the internet and which service or website they have used in what time and when. So. this type of reporting is so important to the organizations if they want to know what their users or employees use on the internet when and for how much time during their office time.


This is the most important benefit of the proxy server. When clients are using a proxy server then they are hidden from the internet. This means proxy server hides your real IP address from the internet. Clients are always behind the proxy server, whatever they send the request to the internet, the request will be sent through the proxy server. Hackers or trackers on the internet would never know who is sending the requestor surfing the internet because they get the request through the proxy server which shows another IP address created by it. Due to this clients can surf the internet more securely and anonymously and keeping the client’s IP address safe.

Access Control

You can control what your users can access, which website they can excess and which website they can’t access through the help of a proxy server. Not only this much, but you also can set time restriction to users to access or not to access the web as your time duration. In simple, if you want your users to access only google then with the help of proxy server you can set time duration for the user to access or not to access google in the selected time duration.

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