How do I Find my Network Security key?

How do I Find my Network Security key?

Network Security key

Network security key means password or phrase key of WiFi. You must establish your connection secure if you don’t do that you may be hacked by a hacker. Here we talk about how to establish a secure connection? There are various types of network security. Even though if you want to create a much secure connection of your wireless, wifi router, follow these instructions.

How to find my saved wifi network security key?

In every Operating System, there is a different method to find save wifi network security key. We’re talking about according to the operating system which you’re using.

Windows 7

Windows 7 is the most popular Operating System developed by Microsoft Company. W7 is much compatible with device hardware. It didn’t need very high requirements for hardware. It running very smoothly on also low hardware e.g. 1GB RAM. In Win 7 here is the easiest method to find saved network security key. We’re describing here with photos, this method is only worked on you’re currently connected network ↓↓↓

  • First of all, you need to Right Click on Connection

find wifi password free.JPG

  • Click on Open Network and Sharing Center
  • Now, Wireless Network (Which Network you’re now connecting)
  • Next click Wireless properties
  • Click on Security

find wifi password free

  • Finally, click on Show characters

find wifi password free

If you’re trying to view old saved Wi-Fi Network Security Key, you need to follow these instructions as below ↓↓↓

  • Follow the 1, 2 instruction we’re describing up sections.
  • Goto left sidebar of your device’s control panel and click on Manage wireless networks
  • You see there all the wifi networks which your device was connected with that networks in previous time.
  • Right click on which Wi-Fi network password you’re trying to view
  • And follow up the instruction 5 and 6

Windows 10

Nowadays, many Windows users are using Windows 10. Because of this the best Operating System that developed by Microsoft Company. Here we don’t talk about Windows 8/ 8.1 because of this the very bad products that developed by Microsoft Company. Windows 8/ 8.1 is not succeeded Operating System. And no one using this.

In Windows 10 there are two methods to views saved wifi password. And previously we’ve published a post How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password (Network Security Key) in Windows 10. Check that method. Here we’re showing you how to view saved wifi password on Windows 10 using Command Prompt (CMD). This is the best method to view saved wifi password on Windows 10. But one thing you must logged in your device as an Administrator.

Let’s go…

  • Run command prompt (cmd) as an Administrator

  • Type netsh wlan show profile

  • Now, you able to see all the saved wifi networks name

  • Type netsh wlan show profile wifi-name key=clear (e.g. netsh wlan show profile WI-FI015CDA key=clear), press enter
  • Scroll down and you’ll see the key content and there is a password.

Macs OS

  • On the top of the screen, select Go
  • Now select Utilities
  • Double click on Keychain Access and then select your network from the list provided.
  • Check the box that says Show password (You may have to enter your Mac’s Administrator password and then click Allow to do this.)
  • Your network security key will display your key. You can use this same key to connect other devices to your network.

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