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What is Network Connecting Devices? Definitions | Uses

What is Network Connecting Devices


The device which is used to interchange data information between the server to the workstation (client) is called Network Connecting Devices. It is also used to interchange data information between Computer Network.



The electronics device which receives a weak signal and converts it into the strong signal. Repeaters are used to extend transmissions.

  • A repeater receives a signal and before it becomes too weak or corrupted, regenerates the original bit pattern.
  • Repeaters operate only in the physical layer.
  • It is layer one device.



This is a Networking Connecting Device which has many ports that connect to the server with a workstation PC.

  • Broadcast device
  • It operates at the physical layer
  • This is not an intelligent device
  • It simply broadcasts the incoming packet.
  • The device cannot be used as a repeater.
  • Not a sophisticated device
  • Not very costly
  • There are three main types of Hubs.



Bridge is a device that interconnects LANs, bypassing frame from one network to another. It has a data link layer.

  • A bridge operates in the physical layer as well as in the data link layer.
  • Bridge has filtering capability
  • Bridge interconnects LANs by passing frame from one network to another.
  • The bridge may be of the following two years:
  1. Transparent bridges
  2. Routing bridges



The router is an intelligent device that connects devices through guided media and unguided media.

  • Router work at the network layer of the OSI model
  • Router are devices that connect two or more network
  • The two methods of route discovery are as follows:
  1. Distance vector routing
  2. Link state routing



Gateway is an intelligent network connecting device which connects two dissimilar networks that translate information between different network data formats or network architecture (workstation).

  • It is an internetworking device that connects two dissimilar networks
  • A gateway can translate information between different network data formats or networks architecture



The switch is an intelligent device which provides many ports that operate at a data link layer

  • Switches is a point to point device.
  • It operates at the data-link layer
  • It is an intelligent device
  • Switches use a switching table to find the correct destination
  • This device is a sophisticated device costly

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