connected no internet

WiFi Connected but No Internet Access – Fixed

Connected No Internet Access Problem

connected no internet

The problem is mostly found in Android device whenever a device tries to establish a connection to Wifi with the right password. If your device is also experiencing an authentication problem Wifi, then don’t worry. It can easily be resolved with these post. Stay with us and read the full post for resolve the problem connected no internet access. Some of the WiFi networks have the problem a static IP and in that case, you try to connect to WiFi network it to say obtaining IP address and it’ll not get to connect. You’ll 

Follow the instructions below step by step to solve the problem of “Connected no Internet”

If you’re facing this problem, we’ll give you the best solution how to fix connected no internet on your Android device. And one thing this problem is with the WiFi network not with your phone. So, don’t worry your phone is good. Let’s follow these steps:

  • Goto your phone setting and try to connect with the WiFi network which WiFi you want to connect.

These days many brands of phone company updated their software with the best technology. If you have a Nokia mobile phone and you’re connected with a WiFi network successfully with the right password but your device is not getting access Internet Access, the device will show the cross (x) sign on WiFi signal but Samsung didn’t show this.

  • Tap and hold with that WiFi network which your device is connected and select Modify network.
  • Under Modify network you don’t need to put the password, you need to tick on Advanced options.
  • Now, touch on IP setting (DHCP) and you need to select Static.
  • Then you need to enter the right IP address, and it should not have a conflict with any other device IP address on the same network. (For example: IP address:, Gateway:, DNS1:, DNS2:
  • Save the setting and try again, your device is able to connect with the Internet with Internet Access successfully or not.
  • Now, you get Internet Access successfully on your device. This is the best method to fix this problem.

If you have any other errors on your Android mobile, Windows, Network Problem etc. you can easily contact us with our contact form, we’ll try our best to solve your problem. Thank you.

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